Monday, October 24, 2011

The End of the Spuds - frickin chooks

My Magnificent spud patch fell victim to voracious worm hunting chickens
It was solid green before
The spuds were about a month off being harvested.

But, being one to make mashed potato out of, um, potatoes, I set my beady-eyed spud harvesters to work, to clear it out for me.
We got around four kilo's worth
And planted it up with some zuchinni's (plus room at the front for more carrots - you can never have enough carrots).
Zuchinnis - yes they are in there somewhere

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Mel said...

Rotten stinkers.  Why won't they leave your poor garden alone?

Karen said...

Hey Caitlyn,
Really enjoy your blog... I've been following it for around a year now.
I've been meaning to post briefly for the last few weeks.  My Mr 3 is in the process of getting a 'high functioning autism' tag, so we're working through that at present.  While we're obviously a bit devastated, I hope its the start of a positive path: getting appropriate help / strategies etc.  He's been a bit of a struggle since birth (severe acid reflux) and through his toddler years (melt downs / hyperactive / exhausting!). In a way its nice to know now that its not just my lousy parenting skills - there really is an underlying issue.  Although ofcourse I wish it was different...
Anyhow, I just wanted to wish you support with your smalls, and let you know how much I enjoy your humorous writing and your outlook on life.

Mrs Bok said...

Ooooooooh they are so naughty those chooks!  But I do admit I love zucchini and carrots in a vegie patch more that spud sprouts!

Caitlyn Nicholas said...

Hi Karen,

Thank you for your lovely comment :)  Hugs about Mr 3, its not an easy time, going through the process of getting the diagnosis.  I found it incredibly exhausting, not just all the appointments, but the 'not knowing for sure', and having to endlessly explain to friends and relatives.  It was also difficult to be positive for everyone, when all I really wanted to do was be heartbroken.  

I know what you mean about the relief its not lousy parenting skills (I was even told at one stage, by a psychologist, that Miss 5s problems WERE due to my 'failure to bond').  Even though we have a written-down, signed off, diagnosis, part of me is still worried that someone will turn around and tell me Miss 5 is fine and actually it is all my fault (oh mother guilt, how I love thee!!).

Like you, I'm still ambivalent about the whole Aspergers/HFA thing, yes its really positive and we're on the right path to get help etc etc, and yes, worse things could have happened (she's not sick, she'll have a happy life...), but we've got a long road ahead, it's massively stressful living with a kid like this and now we know its not going to go away, and I don't WANT this to be happening, I just don't want it. (Please be aware that I'm at the whiney 'why me' stage of the grieving process just now - heh, well I hope I am :))

I'm so glad that you are getting an early diagnosis.  It'll make the world of difference - oh that we knew about this two years ago, OH it would've been so much easier.  I wish you well with it all, may centrelink treat you kindly and masses of funding come your way :)  If you ever want to have a download via email send it right to me...

Best wishes
Cait :)

Caitlyn Nicholas said...

I KNOW, the wretches - it would help if Certain People and The Dog stopped accidentally letting them out :)