Thursday, October 27, 2011

Laugh or Smack-Him-In-The-Head

Bring the straw in, I said.
I'm not driving around with it in the car, I said.
Don't leave it outside, its going to rain, I said.
Yeah, frickin hilarious.

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Simply Belinda said...

Well, yes it is from here.. probably not so much if you're the one that is going to have to break out the vacuum cleaner.

Best Wishes  

Stewart Dorman said...

Both I'm thinking

Deb Culmer said...

Hilarious - roll your eyes and laugh like hell.  Think of all the hubbies that might have just left it in the rain (mine for example)

And how can I comment as greenfumb rather than under my real name?

Veronica said...

Hahahahaaa. Ahem. Put a doona cover on it and turn them into seats for the interim?

Cait said...

test damn you

Anonymous said...

I'm not laughing, honest.