Thursday, December 29, 2011

Celebrating Forty

I have been away to a place so remote that the internet goes at DIAL UP speed, AND I had to drive down the road to get phone access.  Yes. I have been at my parents house.

The Horror.

Civilisation I have missed you.

On Sunday it's my 40th Birthday. 1st January. Oh yes indeedy.

I bid my thirties farewell without much regret - though I do miss my early thirties pre-babies flat tummy (miss you xxx).  I'm looking forward to my forties, I think its going to be an awesome time for me and my little family.

Over the last few months I've been mulling over how to kick off this next decade.  Hubs and I have discussed a few ideas...

  • Party - great except I'm an anti-social introvert
  • Dinner somewhere nice - great except I like to be in bed by 8pm
  • Holiday - great except travel makes me constipated - which would be a terrible state to start my 40s in
Oh I kid.  Any of those would be utterly wonderful and I'd love them, but hubs's work contract has just ended and we're hoarding the pennies.

So I got to thinking about celebrating my 40th in a meaningful way without spending much money (or none at all).  And that led me to thinking about the things that fill me with joy, and then I realised that those things don't cost anything anyway!

I ended up with this list
  • Walk
  • Cook
  • Give
  • Learn
  • Grow
And my plan to celebrate my 4th decade (5th!! its my 5th decade, ahem, thanks Jennie :)) on the planet is going to go something like this...
  • Walk - a dawn walk on Long Reef Beach with my family watching the sun rise up out of the ocean, we'll bring breakfast with us and thermos of tea.  Perfect. Also rain is my favourite beach weather, so I don't mind what the weather is.
  • Cook - a feast at home.  Huge bowl of prawns with homemade mayo and a cold beer - something fun that doesn't take hours
  • Give - I love to give and I love to knit.  So over the year I'm going to knit 40 of my world famous dishcloths and give them away - via the blog, watch this space! (On the subject of giveaways, a book voucher giveaway is starting here tomorrow - shhh, its a surprise)
  • Learn - I'm starting Embroiderer's Guild courses this year
  • Grow - you all know I love my garden. So I'll be planting an avocado tree and watching hubs turn the front garden into a space that fills me with delight.
I just cannot wait :) 

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Sue Webber said...

Life begins at 40, I enjoyed my birthday it went on for days, almost weeks! We moved to NZ the year after, of course aching knees and weak bladders are a set back, but hey there are anti inflammatory's and Tena lady and of course the cure all...alcohol!
Have a great day ♥ Hoppy Barfday! I've got just over a year to go to my that one is scary! :D

Rachael Johns said...

HUGEST HAPPY BIRTHDAYS for Sunday Caitlyn!! Your post is so uplifting and I hope you have the best year celebrating your awesomeness. Cos you ARE awesome. I used to embroider, my gran was a member of the Embroider's Guild in NSW!! ONe day I'm gonna learn to quilt. Maybe when I turn forty in a few years :) 
Can't wait to enter the dishcloth contest - that sounds awesome too!!!! xox

Deb Culmer said...

Aahhhhh 40 - I vaguely remember that birthday, staring 50 very closely in the face now - only 2 weeks to go.

Hope you have a stupendous day, all those things sound great to me too but my lovely family have decided a surprise party would be a good idea. Unfortunately someone who couldn't come felt compelled to apologise to me in person (roll).


farmer_liz said...

lovely to see a positive post about getting older!  I'm interested in your mayo, I tried to make it for the first time today and it was less than successful, any tips would be appreciated :)  I hope you enjoy your birthday, it sounds like a perfect day.

Donna A said...

40 didn't bother me nor did 50 but when the eye doctor said bifocals I cried like a baby.  Then I picked myself up and saw it as an opportunity to get some really cool frames.   The only thing we can control in life is our attitude.  

Jennie said...

Happy 40th, Caitlyn.  Embrace it - it will be a wonderful decade.  (BTW it's your fifth decade on earth, not your fourth.)  Looking forward to reading more and especially to seeing your knitting.


Caitlyn Nicholas said...

Argh!  It is my 5th decade. LOL.  Thanks :)

Mel said...

Happy Birthday and Happy New Year!!

Nicky Singh said...

When I was younger, I always wanted to be older, now that I'm 40 I want to be younger. However I do like the wisdom that life brings you at 40!
I understand how you feel completely.

Nicky Singh.