Sunday, December 11, 2011

Have you any wool??

There is one person in the world who has had as tough a year with Miss 5 as hubs and I.  Miss 5s teacher.  The Universe smiled on Miss 5 when they assigned her kindi teacher.  We were blessed with one of the warmest, kindest, gentlest individuals that I have ever met.  We took the journey from bewilderment and frustration to Aspergers diagnosis together, and when I was beside myself with stress and grief she was a rock solid support, her positiveness and optimism never wavered for a moment.

A comment she made recently to my Mum has become my mantra when things are really tough.  "She has so much potential (Miss 5). It will take us a couple of years to properly unlock it, but when we do it will be wonderful."

She is so right.

There is no way I can ever fully express my thanks to that gracious lady.  But I did make this cross-stitch as a small way of showing our gratitude.
Thank you for everything you did for our little black sheep

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nevyn said...

Hi Caitlyn,
I'm glad to hear you have a diagnosis for your daughter and I hope she continues to have teachers like her kindy teacher.  It's people like her who will make the difference in your daughter's life.  As well as youselves, of course :-)

Mel said...

Wonderful, caring teachers are hard to find.  I am really happy that you found her.

Jennie said...

Hey Caitlyn!  I have a daughter on the autism spectrum too.  She was diagnosed with PDD at 3.  I don't talk about it much now because she is in high school and blends in pretty well - I don't want to embarrass her.  It was a lot of work when she was little, but every inch of heavy lifting was worth it.  Good teachers make all the difference.  Cheers to you and your daughter.

amlokmer1 said...

That is a beautiful gift. What an awesome idea.