Monday, March 02, 2009

Good LORD, its March...

When the hell did that happen? Hmm.

Went up to visit Mumndad last Wednesday.
And the puppy met a few of Mum's creatures...Big black ones are Alpacas and short one are sheep. The Alpaca looking at us is Pepe and the one in profile is Jock, the sheep have names too, one is Brindle and the other Blackie, I have no idea which is which. (And I can only tell the difference between the Alpacas because Jock has seriously bad buck teeth).
Alpacas hate dogs of any form - its an instinct thing and includes foxes as well. Which is why Mumndad have the Alpacas, they used to guard the flock of sheep up at their place in Orange. They still have a herd to guard, its just not quite as big as it used to be! Soon they will have more company in the form of some young pregnant lady Alpacas, yes, my mind boggles slightly at the thought as well - but after helping my mother in the middle of a Force 8 snowstorm play mid-wife to a sheep having serious labour issues - I'm convinced the woman can do anything.

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