Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Dogs and Chooks

We have one chook that keeps escaping.  The others are perfectly happy in their corner of the garden unless the water runs out. Then they all escape and drink out of the dog's water bowl, occasionally pecking at the back door so I am fully aware that Things are not as they would like. But Henrietta here does not like to be contained by walls.

I actually don't mind too much.  Yes she keeps trimming my lettuces (which are on the verge of bolting anyway due to a very dry spell and lots of gales), but we also haven't seen any ticks, snails or slugs around since she's got into the habit of making a break for it once a day (after she's laid her egg, of course).

It'd be a different matter if all four chooks escaped.  The back garden is too small for all of them to be scratching it over all the time and we'd end up with a dust/mud bowl. Mostly dust.

Sebby the cavi would dearly like to chase Henrietta. But, the wily thing realised long ago that if she doesn't run away then he merely licks her head and goes about his business (ie barking at next-doors dogs).

Yes, that would be my herb garden under all the chickweed
I am neck-deep in edits for Drive at the moment. And still getting over the huge response to the giveaway I had :) 750+ entries!! I love giving stuff away, and I'll be holding another one in early October.  But yeah, editing, its taking it out of me. School holidays plus inlaws are descending on me in a couple of weeks and so I'm racing to get them finished.

Wish me luck :)

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farmer_liz said...

sounds like a good arrangement for everyone involved :) Mine keep sneaking through the fence into the house yard and raking through the mulch I put on the outside of the chicken mesh garden fence. Then they get stuck in the house yard and wander around aimlessly at dusk until I catch them and take them home.... everytime I let them out... its starting to wear thin....