Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Whip It Good

Blog post today about good old peanut butter.  Not the most earth shattering topic I hear you say, but wait...

Yeah okay, you have a point.

But you see the other day I sent The Man of The House to do the shopping.  And he returned home with a tub of Whipped Peanut Butter, and substance hitherto unseen in this household.

But it's twice the price, I wailed. (I did actually wail) And you paid all that extra money for AIR.

Now, whilst I am loathe to admit I'm wrong, I was incorrect in saying that the whipped variety was twice the price, in fact its 32c per 100g more.

From our local supermarket website...
375g Whipped peanut butter 1.61 per 100g
375g Smooth peanut butter 1.29 per 100g

You don't just pay extra for air, you also pay for more sugar and extra preservatives and chemicals. Yum.

Still. We had to admit that the whipped variety was much easier to use, easier to spread, less gluggy and liable to stick to your teeth, and the kids liked it more.

Hmm, I said (really, I did).  Whilst I will not be paying an extra 32c for my peanut butter with air, I wonder if we can come up with a home alternative.

A quick google resulted in this website... http://sneakykitchen.com/Recipes/whipped_peanutbutter.htm

And so, we gave it a try (with a few drops of oil, but no extra sugar.
It worked surprisingly well, though when we tasted it we could see why they add extra sugar to the commercial stuff. When you whip it you can really really taste the salt, and more sugar would cover the taste of it. (This is my theory btw, food scientists feel free to prove me wrong).

We also tried it without adding any extra oil, and it whipped up quite nicely. It was easier to use and much less gluggy, not fluffy like the stuff in the jar, and had quite a salty aftertaste.

Conclusion: I will not be buying whipped peanut butter again, nor will I be bothered to whip my own except on special occassions, but it was a fun experiment.

The End.

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farmer_liz said...

I've never heard of whipped PB! very funny that you pay for the extra air and chemicals. I only buy our local Kingaroy PB - which contains only peanuts and whatever pesticide and herbicide residue the local farmers deemed necessary. I wonder how many I would have to grow to make my own whipped PB....

Rachael Johns said...

LOL - I ALWAYS LOL at your blogs! Really wish we lived closer so we could catch up more than once a year. I am a HUGE Peanut Butter fan but haven't yet tried the whipped variety. Not sure you've convinced me to or not :)