Friday, November 23, 2012

All about... Dannie

This Friday we have Dannie, visiting. From a Dose of Dannie... 

Who are you?
I am a 41 year old, addicted coffee lover, Ex dance teacher of (Ballet and Spanish Flamenco) Mum, blogger, wife, carer all rolled into one tight ball!
I have 3 children well 2 are now Adults *sigh* they all drive me bonkers.
Also in this mad family is three green tree frogs and 1 kelpie cross daxon.

What occupies your time?
Being a carer and blogger is more a full time job.
Doing loads of errands.
I look after my husband who has MHE (bio synthesis) High function adult autism

Where do you live?
I live in Melbourne a rather quiet suburb in the bayside area (only 15 mins to the beach)

1. Finish the sentence…
I love… being happy to my full potential each day as it comes and what the day brings to me
I hate… is a strong word but I’d say these ~liars, people who try and manipulate you, and users

2. Tell me a story about your car / a car you loved?? 
 Well my list is way to long let’s just say I have been in 2 major horrific accidents . Hence I do not drive never wanted to after them (they happened 20 yrs ago) Happy to walk everywhere and get transport.

 3. I’m a bit of a weather nerd. Tell me about your preferred type of weather?? 
 Well silly I am a winter baby (that’s right end of june) Loath the cold just can’t tolerate it at all. Love love the Summer heat anything above 25 is great . Anything above and beyond 30+ even better. 

4. What are you reading at the moment?? Is it good / bad?? 
 don’t read a lot I know but I have a few books on my night stand (been their for months) You can say I am not much of a bookie worm, should be as I always had my face in one when I was younger?! 

5. Share your meal plan (for the day or week) ??
Well thanks for asking Every Monday I do A Monday Menu planning with A Dose of Dannie and it has a blog hop with linky it’s open for the week and is on every Monday from 7am. Make sure I see you there next week .

6. Most amazing place you’ve ever been? 
I have been to many places here in Melbourne and overseas. I don’t have any favourites really cos I love them all *sigh*

7. Fave way to waste time?? Um being on Facebook, pinterest, instagram Twitter for too long lol. 

8. Tell me about your secret weakness… Chocolate and wine oh and hand bags! Yep

9. Tell me about your greatest strength… 
I have achieved most things I’ve wanted to do, and really, have 1 thing left to study / do  - a course in social working and helping the Melbourne street kids/Melbourne City mission/Front yard

Thanks so much for having me Guest post


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