Thursday, November 01, 2012

It's Release Day. Anxiety attack in 3... 2... 1...

So here I am. Release day for Drive Me To Distraction.  My book is out there in the world, dear lord I hope someone likes it :)

I have a massive number of people to thank.  First on the list is my husband, Nic.  Who supports me with endless cheerful patience.  He also reads and re-reads chapter after chapter, turns my heros into real men and is excellent at giving an honest opinion.  "No man, NO man would ever say something like that -" is the phrase I hear most!

Next on the list has to be the crew a Momentum Books.  I cannot describe their positive and unwavering support.  Joel and Mark in particular. Mark who picked Drive out of the slushpile and became its champion (and is a font of marketing advice), and Joel who took a chance on Drive (and is endlessly patient with overtired and over sensitive authors.)  The rest of the Momentum people who've worked on Drive deserve huge thanks as well, the editors, both here and overseas, the proof readers the copy editors, and everyone else who has read and helped polish it.  Even the authors don't see how much work you all do.

And then there are friends.  Lyndel my most stauch supporter, Georgie Tyler who is willing to listen to me rabbit on about writing for hours, all the girls in Mother's Group (who are willing to listen to me rant on about pretty much everything). The community at school, family, friends, neighbours, all of whom are endlessly interested and positive.

I thank you all.

So its available now on ibooks and will be available on Amazon at around 4pm our time (midnight in the US)

If you love it, please let me know, and if you've got time it'd be awesome if you could rate it on Amazon, Goodread or ibooks.



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Georgie Tyler said...

I'm buying it today! You know I love to listen to you rabbit on...I'm no better! x

Caitlyn Nicholas said...

LOL :D Thanks George, looking forward to Friday as well!