Sunday, November 18, 2012

Less Books, Less Books...

We had a bookshelf collapse.  Its happened several times before, and isn't surprising given the quality of the bookshelf (so very very low) and the weight of the books.  I have been ignoring it for a few weeks now, but yesterday the time had come to do something about it.
Third shelf down gave up the ghost
I've cataloged the books I've read online for many years.  Originally with LibraryThing, we had a parting of ways when they deleted my book list, and now I'm a big fan of Goodreads.  Yes, call me fickle.

The iPhone version of Goodreads has a book scan app, so you can scan the barcode of your book and import it into your Goodreads account.  So as I removed my books, sadly adding many to my Donate To The Library pile, I was able to make sure their memory will live on in my Goodreads account.
Donations to the Library
The books in the house are getting fewer and fewer.  I read so much on my kindle now.  Its good, furniture wise (the shelves are less likely to collapse), there is less clutter and less dust.  I've still kept all my old friends, up on the top shelf.  Read so many times they're falling to bits.
Neat and tidy and with a  lot less books
I couldn't believe how many books had Borders stickers on the back.  80% if not higher.  There are few bookshops here on the Upper Upper North Shore now that Borders are gone, and only one tiny one in Hornsby Westfield.  I'm told reliably (by Kat at BookThingo) that out in the Western Suburbs its even bleaker.

Interesting too, that Sydney is the largest city in the country.

I'm a big fan of digital. Obviously.  Cost wise and convenience wise you cannot beat it.  But even though I'm a digital author it still irks me that there are no wonderful bookshops nearby where I can let the kids loose in a huge kids section and let them find the books of their hearts, the way I found mine.

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Veronica Foale said...

Hubby has been much happier since I started buying books on the Kindle - no longer is our table covered in books that I'm waiting to read. Of course I still lust after paper books, but I'm just about out of room here, even with bookshelves everywhere! I have no doubt that mine would collapse if my father hadn't built them himself for me.

Also, I started Drive today. Very exciting! I'd be reading now, but Evie is awake and grumbling at me!

Georgie Tyler said...

Love the last photo. I see you even have room now for china teacups and plates!
I must say, I am a convert to the ebook, even though I haven't read an awful lot on my iPad, one of the books being your newly of course. Waiting to get the ipad mini for xmas. Yay! :)