Friday, November 30, 2012

And I have a cover...

A release date (10th December) and now a cover for The Danger Game.

At the start of this I never would've believed that I'd have two stories out by the end of the year. But now its all starting to get a bit real...

Its m'cover!

Yesterday I posted the first six sentences, so today I'll add another six...

“It’s your last chance with the Vice Chancellor.”
“I said I’d be there.” Flick didn’t bother to hide her irritation. “I just won the man a million-dollar grant, what more does he want?”
“Your bubbly and fun personality?” There was amusement beneath Andy’s sarcasm.
Flick snorted. “All right. Okay. I’m leaving now.” She growled the words, and hit the off-button on her phone.
They both knew she lied.
She dropped the phone onto the desk. Then, scowling, she clicked on the icon that’d run the Bellona program. It crashed instantly, and took the computer with it.

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