Friday, December 14, 2012

All About... Sweet Little Pretties

This Friday Lisa who writes the wonderful blog Sweet Little Pretties, has come to visit!

First, the basics…
Who are you?  Lisa from Sweet Little Pretties
What occupies your time? Blogging, Sewing, Baking and a Full Time Job
Where do you live? Sydney NSW
Who do you live with?? Just me and my husband
Day job / other job?? Administration
Secret gifts / talents / hobbies... I love to collect Audrey Hepburn and The Very Hungry Caterpillar merchandise

Finish the sentence…
I love… to entertain my friends and family, bake, sew and read
I hate…  the weekends ending

What are you reading at the moment?? Is it good / bad?? I am about to start  reading Monica McInerney’s new book called The House of Memories – can not wait I am a massive Moinca McInerney fan

What frugal thing do you do?? Have you got a sneaky money saving tip??  I wouldn’t say I am frugal – but I do prefer to cook a meal from scratch  on the weekend than go out to a restaurant

Excellent recipe for me to try / Fave thing to eat?? So many excellent ones – but I do love mini quiches with different mixtures great for lunch boxes. Recipes are on the blog

Most amazing place you’ve ever been?  Disneyland! I have been lucky enough to go twice in just over 12 months and I would go back again in a heartbeat

Fave way to waste time?? Watching Seasons of TV – I could watch episode after episode and still feel the need to watch more

Tell me about your secret weakness… My secret weakness is fabric and wool – My stock piles are massive

Nitty Gritty at the end…

I blog about my love of craft,sewing, baking, reading and everyday fun. I love to share reviews and recipes and some of my crafting projects along the way and completed

Where can we find you…

My Blog –
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Twitter - @sweetlilprettie
Instagram – sweetlittlepretties

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