Sunday, December 02, 2012

Plagiarism, I am doing it right...

Its Miss Nearly 7s birthday party today.  I am being lazy this year and letting Others take care of the work.  All I have to provide is a cake and lolly bags.

So at 8 o'clock yesterday morning the cake looked like this...

Started out like this at 8am
By the afternoon it looked like this. No small feat on a day that hit 34C with 70% humidity (meaning it 'felt' like 46C according to the weather people). I had the oven running for over an hour.  Not fun.
And by the afternoon looked like this
I confess I plagiarised the idea for the decoration from the lovely Rachel Johns. I know she wont mind!
The Awesome cake that Rachel John's made
My cake is a red velvet cake - which was by request from Miss Nearly 7, otherwise I would've totally gone the rainbow interior. Love those cakes so much :)

Thanks for the idea Rach!

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Rachael Johns said...

Haha - your cake is FAB! When you said you plagiarised I immediately assumed you meant the inside. The decoration was a VERY last minute thing in my place. Happy birthday to your gorgeous girl!! LOVE Red Velvet cakes btw :)