Thursday, February 01, 2007

I just want my life back!

I've been pottering along, getting stuck in the routine, life's not been too bad. Until this morning, when I cracked. It all started innocently enough when hubby left for work and all I had to do was get Beanie dressed and everyone in the car. It took half an hour, thus I was late and hit the traffic. Usually I manage to sneak in ten minutes of mummy radio before the clamouring for nursery rhymes starts from the back, not this morning, they were demanded as I was reversing out the drive. That meant nearly an hour of pop goes the sodding weasel.

So we arrive at Kindi, I'm already late, late, late, and everyone has taken off their shoes (to throw at mummy) and socks (to hide). Ten minutes to re-shoe, then carrying bags and children we finally get there. Of course my swipe card is at the bottom of my handbag - under a small but dirty pair of socks, a Macdonalds toy (don't judge me!) and a half eaten packet of Le Snacks (did you know that cheese in that stuff is a very effective glue - yes, just ask my iPod). So, juggle baby, drop bags, find swipe.

We make it as far as Beanies room before everyone fills up their nappies - it must be a bonding thing! I have to confess I did a drop and run with Beanie. I have no idea how I was going to juggle bags, baby and change toddler nappy. So I didn't. A happy surprise for the first carer who got within two feet of her.

Then time to change Bugalugs. Of course I'm really late, stressed and Miss Bugalugs is picking up the vibes. Puts on a tanty at the crucial nappy moment, and I spend next ten minutes changing her clothes and then disinfecting the change table.

Finally I get my four minutes of me time as I head off to the office. I whip out my iPod and get to listen to Mummmy music, scraping cheese off with my thumb nail as I go.

But suddenly I've had enough. I want my life back. Its been a horrible stressful morning, I'm exhausted and forty minutes late for work, and I just want it all to be easy for once. Four minutes of me time (eight in total for the day) is NOT enough.

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