Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Valentine's Day

Pink, heart-shaped lamingtons. This was as romantic as I managed today. The small shouty members of the house enjoyed them immensely, and hubby was swept away by the thoughtful gesture. Okay, well he would have been if I'd taken them out of the paper bag I'm sure.

I was planning on making a pretty afternoon tea up, with heart-shaped tea-light candles and proper coffee. But then the man in the Dusk shop wouldn't stop talking to me, and I'm half deaf from this bloody cold so I couldn't hear anyway, and then I couldn't get the pram past an ugly display of fake roses, so I reversed out rapidly, tea-lightless. Then hubby arrived home and is as sick as me, and can't even taste coffee - so instant it was...


The endless stupid cold, is, well, endless (and stupid). I expect I might die tomorrow - oh no wait, I can't. I'm too busy. The cold is now ignoring cold and flu tablets. Typical. Only I'd end up with a sulky virus.

I blame the Scandinavians (you know who you are).

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