Monday, February 05, 2007


Foolish, foolish Hubby and I. We are generally troglodites, cave dwellers, remaining inside most of the time hunched over a glowing computer screen. On the weekend however, Nonna rescued us from the children and we went in search of some us time. To the seaside. Hatless and sunscreenless we thought we'd be fine sitting under trees, but didn't account for the reflection off the water.

So now we look like a pair of lobsters. Stripy lobsters as we got burnt worse on one side than the other. It's so embarrassing, especially with our English accents, as every thinks we're just off the plane! Not to mention the skin cancer people are doing all those horrible ads, so now we're completely paranoid.

We've learnt our lesson though, and have resolved to not go outside or even attempt to enjoy each other's company until Bugalugs has turned fifteen.


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