Thursday, February 15, 2007

The Weather Obsession - it is getting worse

I've mentioned before that I've got a bit of a weather thing. Love to check BOM, or SMH weather pages on a reasonably regular basis (and that means at least once a day), and if I've no joy there I have been known to head over to the Irish weather radar, where there is always a bit of rain action.

But it's getting worse. I've recently discovered two sites. I've Got Wind, which updates weather conditions in the Solent every three seconds (the Solent is the stretch of sea in between the English mainland and the Isle of Wight). Then there is the Lee-On-Solent webcam, which you can move around and even zoom in on seagulls sitting on channel markers in the sea - off southern England that is. Here's a snapshot of the weather right now!


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