Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Booing Miss Universe - what is the world coming to?

For reasons too banal to go into I've got the Miss Universe competition prattling away on the TV.


I can't just leave it like that.

I realise I need a rock solid reason for having Miss Universe on the TV during the day. I'm writing you see, and Oprah was about children with Autism, which is a heartbreaking subject, and is distracting me from my M&B heroine enjoying her Cinderella moment. I can ignore Miss Universe (its mostly ads) and keep an eye out for possible heroines. It's a romance writer thing, looking for beautiful faces that match the ones in your imagination and can be labelled heroine. It makes a book so much easier to write if you can stare at a photo and think, "what would you do if..."

So, I'm typing away and on the TV they've got to the point where the final five models answer random questions from the judges - possibly to avoid five declarations of wanting to bring about world peace! The questions are nothing special...
"Is it better to follow your heart or your head?" stuff like that.
But when it came to the turn of Miss USA and the crowd erupts into screaming and booing. I mean its a beauty contest for chrissake. Who heckles Miss Universe? And believe me, I am no fan of beauty pagents.

The girl handled it beautifully, not for a second would you think that thousands of people were jeering at her. I mean what is the world coming to? Next they'll be putting shows on TV where terminally ill people get to pick who get their organs after they die. Now that'd be classy.

Miss Japan won, by the way!

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