Sunday, May 20, 2007

Taking on waaaay too much...

I promised myself I'd never do this. I'm a Capricorn you see, I set a goal and I work until it is done, this is what makes me happy. I need to achieve A, so I achieve A, then move on to B. As you can see from my word counter on the right, I've written 33,000 words of High Speed and its going well, really well.


But I decided that regardless of financial constraints, I will be attending the Romance Writers conference this year. Up to this point it had been a bit iffy, especially when the (bloody sodding stupid) car died and cost more than a years-worth of nappies to fix. But now I am going for sure. Okay, so, part of the conference is the opportunity to meet and pitch to a Mills and Boon Editor, all the way from their London office. This is a huge opportunity, particularly as I've been cooking an idea for a M&B for the last few months. However, I put it aside and started High Speed. Now I need a completed M&B manuscript for the conference in August.

55,000 words.

And if its going to be worth reading I'm going to have to finish it by mid-July so I have a month or so to edit.

So, I hate it, I utterly hate it, but I'm going to have to abandon A (High Speed), and start B.

Its called At the Diplomat's Bidding, watch how I go on my word counter, and don't expect coherent blogging until late July!

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