Thursday, May 03, 2007


My High Speed hero is wandering around in his underpants, and he's the sort of guy who can wander around in his underpants. So I was musing as to what outfits he possibly couldn't carry off.

I spent a fairly painful ten minutes going back over outfits that we wore in the 80s. A train of thought that may have been triggered by hubby's admission that he was very into looking like Depeche Mode at that stage.

But what really popped out of my past was the WHAM/Choose Life t-shirt phase. Oh shudder. I must have been fifteen or maybe a bit younger (or a lot younger, ahem!), and had just discovered trends. Never doing anything by halves, I somehow managed to talk my mother into procuring enormous Choose Life t-shirt (my sister got the WHAM one), and I proceeded to live in it for the next six months. Being of poor quality, it went see-through and parted at the seams after all that washing and one day dissapeared (ie, Mum tossed it in the bin when I wasn't looking).

How I loved that t-shirt. How it made me feel trendy, hip, with-it. A groovy gal, if you will. How it makes me shudder now. How I want to break into my parents home, scour the photo albums and remove the evidence. How embarrassing!


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