Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Ten Reasons My Mum's Ace!

My Mum's birthday is the 8 May. Cunningly timed to coincide with Mother's Day, so we don't have to buy two presents. That's how Ace my mum is!

As a Happy Birthday to her I've come up with ten reasons she's wonderful. (No not in place of a real present, I promise!)
  1. I'm sick, kids sick, mum's there. AND she has the energy to sit through a three hour Opera after a day of fractious children (including me).
  2. She likes, no enjoys, lengthy descriptions of situations involving substances her grandchildren produced all by themselves (and I'm not talking playdough here).
  3. She totally understands that if I am disagreeing with my husband, then I am completely in the right and he has no idea what I am talking about.
  4. She loves me more that either of my sisters. Not that she's ever actually told me that, but I just know its true. I mean how could she possibly not?
  5. She is totally and utterly 100% behind whatever scheme I've come up with this time.
  6. She never ever says "I told you so."
  7. So does a convincing job of liking all my husbands/boyfriends. Well so far anyway.
  8. She whole-heartedly believes I can be anything I want to be, including, model, ballerina, astronaut, mother of three, Nobel prize winner, train driver... Actually, I've always had a bit of a hankering to be a truck driver, even though I need assistance from passers-by to reverse park the 4-wheel drive.
  9. She can drive a truck, and a tractor, and a ride on lawn-mower, and a Quad-bike...
  10. She isn't scared of anything. Well except for spiders. But I mean, who can blame her for that. All those hairy legs, all those staring eyes, eeeew.

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