Friday, June 15, 2007

Andrew, Andrew, Andrew...

Andrew McCubbin, my Diplomat's Bidding hero, has turned into a weirdo/stalker. sigh.

I mean, he was doing perfectly nicely, mooning about the place being heartbroken (but in a very stoic, manly way). Then, having heard that the woman of his dreams is about to be whisked off, never to be seen again, he rushes to find her. The meet in a park: birds singing, breeze dancing through leaves etc. But from that point I'm stuck. Every word he utters makes him sound creepy.

“Lily Weggle, singing karaoke! Penny mentioned nothing about this,” said Andrew in mock horror.
“I know. Sometimes I think I went a bit to far with the ‘I’m not going to sit around watching life pass me by,’ am I still invited to dinner then?”
“Yes, I can hook the stereo up to the TV, we could have our own karaoke concert, sing duets. It’ll be fun!”
Lily coughed. “I’ve lost my voice,” she croaked.
“That’s a pity. We’ll have to think of something else to do.”
Lily gave him a sharp look but he smiled innocently.

See, he's just gone a bit off. A bit yucks. Well, that bit is hitting the trash, not even pausing in the 'bits I can't bear to delete file.' Am going to have to rethink the whole chapter. Grrr. And my word count was going so well. sigh.

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