Sunday, June 24, 2007

Best Intention - 23 September 2008

A release date for Best Intention - 23 September 2008!

Yes it's miles and miles away, and the print version probably won't be in shops until after Christmas 2008.

But for me it isn't actually that long. I'm going to have three books finished in that time, and will be grappling with all of the Best Intention edits as well. Plus job, plus children. Oh, there is going to be so much stressed out, moaning blogging!

That is a photo of Zani Best on the left. She's my Best Intention heroine and she is one amazing chick. Give her a Force ten gale and a boat in trouble, and she's your woman. Give her a Russian Mafia boss in hot pursuit of her lothario brother, and she'll figure out what to do!

Love this book. Can't wait for it to be out there - roll on September 08!

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