Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Another Storm?!!

Kerist-almighty, the third severe storm in a fortnight and its going to be the worst of all. We've already battened down the hatches, so there isn't much else we can do except sit and wait to see what happens, its due to hit here around 6am tomorrow morning.

Once again all eyes are on the Pasha Bulker, the tanker run aground at Nobbys Beach in Newcastle. Sydney Morning Herald have thoughtfully set up a webcam, so you can watch to see if it breaks up when the storm hits Newcastle. Web cam here. Assuming a tree hasn't fallen on the house, the kids and I will be glued to the laptop, in anticipation. Watching an environmental disaster LIVE will be almost as good as Big Brother's Friday Night Games (people falling over, he, he, he!).

I came across a hysterical book cover today. Don't click on the link if you are easily offended!

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