Friday, June 08, 2007

A Mother of a Storm

Right now, its lunchtime. 1.16pm to be exact. Outside it's pitch dark, and the torrential rain and howling winds are sending everyone scuttling for shelter. We've got a mother of a storm. The wind is so bad that it blew the top off my hot chocolate! Yes, I know. Lost my froth. I did manage to get through the rest of the morning - but only just!

Anyway, what has really blown me away (hahahaha, sigh) is that there are three massive tankers going ashore in the Port of Newcastle. Three fully loaded tankers, drifiting less than a mile offshore, in ridiculous seas with 100kmph winds, and the Port Authority is understandably worried about the tanker crews. They've despatched the rescue helicopters and are winching the men to safety. In this weather!!

How amazing are those rescue people? I'm moaning about my froth being blown away and they're dangling around on a bit of wire below a helicopter. And they'll be in the news tonight saying things like "all part of the job."

'mazing, just 'mazing.

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