Saturday, June 16, 2007

Obsessing - again.

Yes, alright, I'm obsessing. There was nothing wrong with the dialogue I posted yesterday. I'm over thinking it all. But I'm at that stage where I'm getting towards the end of the book, its all a done deal and simply has to be written. Its the bit I hate the most. I've decided on my cunning last minute twists, there's nothing else to be imagined and frankly I'm just over the whole thing.

Considering I started on 20 May, and its now 16 June, and I've only got 15,000 or so words to go, I'm actually feeling quite pleased with it (yes, it won't last, I shall be angsting by tomorrow).


I came across a rather cool blog the other day, called This isn't Sydney - Spike's Woy Woy walkies with swearing and pictures. Its a hoot. Now I live in this neck of the woods, and that's one of Spikes, photos above. Beyootiful.

Though, its not looking like this right now, firstly because its dark, and secondly because it is still bucketing down rain. Last month we had 9.8mm rain, this month we've had 325mm, and we're only half way there! Weather. Love it!

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