Friday, February 01, 2008

Bursting To Do List

Phew! A week ago my writing to-do list consisted of two things, write Boys of Summer and write All that Glitters.

How things change.

A couple of days ago I had two emails, both from agenty-type people regarding High Speed. A long, long time ago, when High Speed was in its infancy (okay, last June) I agonised long and hard about my heroine prostituting herself in order to get a contract and save herself from destitution. Eventually I followed my heart and had her commit this terrible act.

Turns out it was a BIG mistake. Huge, in fact. It propelled High Speed out of the Romance Category and into Literary Fiction. And a couple of agents have been kind enough to point that out. So re-writing it is. In actual fact I've come up with a fairly simple solution, but still, there's a lot of changes to be made.

Then there's Boys of Summer. The book was making me miserable so I've ditched it. It can wait for another year. Instead I've turned my attention to The Bunker, a romance between a mad donkey lady and a man who lives in a nuclear fallout shelter, plus the usual hi-tech conspiracy. I'm really excited about it. Have been researching donkey shelters, and I think we'll be adopting one in the near future (not an actual donkey although the idea appeals especially when I think of the reaction of the neighbours). Have also been researching nuclear shelters. My, oh my, Do you have ANY idea how many paranoid people there are with internet access? Its deeply scary.


Not to mention All That Glitters, which I've promised to finish by May, and The Bunker by August, and High Speed (soon to be renamed, god how I hate that name) to be finished asap. Plus, ahem, the finishing touches to my nano novel, The Millionaire's Fake Fiancee, which also need to be done asap.

Plus the usual Mum duties (feeding, cleaning, speaking), AND part time work.

Okay, if I stop sleeping, then it'll be fine. Just fine.


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Jess Dee said...

Literary fiction is good too, Cait. Rewrite that book and go out and sell it!
I am exhausted just reading your to do list. And a little embarrassed as well. How do you find the time or energy to write so many books?