Thursday, February 28, 2008

Feeling Glum

Well, Eddie the cat has been offically declared Missing. We haven't seen him since Monday, and I'm starting to accept that we won't be seeing him again. Am spending a lot of time peering out windows at his favorite sunbathing spots, just in case. Pepper, our other cat and his sister is a bit bewildered. But she's getting lots of TLC and spending much time napping on our bed and getting cuddles. SIGH.

And the small screamies are still poorly. Everyone has ear infections, which usually follow on from colds at our house. Ear infections invariably make everyone very very crabby, so the last few days at our house have been fraught with fights and hair pulling (them not me) and being sent to bedrooms for time out (them not me worst luck).

I do have some respite. Once they've made the long and painful decision over which DVD to watch then I can organise some peace, but ONLY if I remain in the room and do not move a muscle or draw attention to myself in any way (if I see Ice Age, Angelina Ballerina or Shreck one more time I'll be sick).

What with them and the cat am feeling slightly inadequate as a parent. Not to mention the house. Did I say we found mushrooms growing in the bathroom?? Yes, mushrooms. Hubby sprayed them with Exit Mould, bless him. The whole place is a tip, I found Miss Bugalugs doing colouring-in on a pile of bills I'd forgotten about, and there are THINGS lurking in the fruit&veg drawer in the Fridge. THINGS.
The poor vege garden is suffering from crappy weather, the lettuces are bolting to seed and the snails are getting first pick of everything. AND my potatoes that I declared dissapeared have come to life, all exactly underneath the tomatos I planted. Another possum has moved into the roof, and one has taken up climbing the flyscreen of our bedroom at around 4.30am. AND we had a blackout last night so I have to reset all the bloody clocks.

But I have been very good with my diet and lost a kilo.

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Sami Lee said...

I'm so sorry about Eddie. How distressing.