Sunday, February 24, 2008

Cabin Fever

Pshaw, what a week. Everyone has been sick, I won't say again... its more like as usual. Sigh. I think this bout of colds/tummy upsets, simply merged with the virus of the week before last. Needless to say I've STILL got two kids with high temps. Forcryingoutloud. We haven't left the house for days, and I feel like I've done nothing but cook and clean. Am considering starting blogging about what evening meal we have every day, that's about as interesting as its getting!

Still, currently all is at peace. Okay, so I'm ignoring the shrieking from the other end of the house, but its the Biggest Loser any minute now and I've declared it MUMMY TIME. The kind of Mummy time that is not even interrupted for amputations, okay well maybe amputation... actually I might just go and check...

Have spent a couple of hours today fossicking about in the vege garden and making the most of the stunning weather. The pumpkins are not doing at all well, infested with whitefly and the fruit is rotting off. Hmm. The rest of the veges are looking good though. We made a pasta sauce the other day and everything in it had been grown here. I planted purple heirloom carrots too, and they've gone nuts, outgrowing the orange ones about ten to one. The kids love them.

Have been finding it hard to get motivated in the writing department of late. The new MS, The Bunker is coming along, but slowly and I'm finding enthusiasm hard to summon. So, I've enrolled on a course. Its called The Care and Nurturing of the Girls in the Basement, and is run by Barbara Samuels. Its all about nuturing your creative spirit and I think I'm overdue for a bit of nurturing. Jenny Cruise often refers to it and is quite a fan, and I've been checking Barbara's blog over the last few weeks and I like her style, so am quite excited.

I also think I'm feeling unmotivated because as far as books are concerned I'm kind-of sitting in no-mans-land. Secret Intentions e-book version isn't out until September, and I'm sitting on several complete manuscripts waiting to hear back from publishers. One, At the Diplomat's Bidding has had a partial with Mills and Boon for six months. I gave in and emailed them about it last week, but haven't heard back yet. I'm at the point where I don't care if its a rejection, I've got another publisher in mind for it anyway, I just want to get a move on and do something with all this writing I've been doing.


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Rachael Blair said...

Oooohhhhhhh feeling your pain... sick kids are shocking! Hope all your house is better soon and that you get a chance to nurture those 'girls in the basement'. Can't wait to hear all about the course.