Wednesday, February 13, 2008


Today is our first Sorry Day. The day which we remember and apologise to the Aboriginal people for the generation of children that were stolen from their families during the sixties.

It's a complex issue. Many believed that the children were being saved from a life of squalor, and that they were given an education that set them up for a better life. However there was also a deep seated streak of racism that believed the Indigenous people were incapable of looking after their own children.

Regardless of the pros and cons, my heart aches for those stolen children and their parents. I could not imagine what it might be like living with the threat that one day I might wake up and someone at the door would remove Miss Beanie and Miss Bugalugs, never to be seen again. The very thought makes me queasy with terror.

I'm glad that the Australian Governement has finally, officially apologised, it is a new beginning in an atmosphere of acknowledgement and so much hope.

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Jess Dee said...

And what an amazing speech Kevin Rudd made. I was proud to be Australian!