Monday, March 10, 2008

Artist's Date

So, as promised I took myself on my Artists Date. Actually I really needed it. I'd dropped the small screamies at daycare, and true to form it was brutal. They'd both professed unfettered JOY to be going to daycare. They'd both claimed to be beside themselves with excitement over the whole thing (okay, to my question "Do you want to go to daycare?" They both said yes... after a few prompts... and a promise of hot crossed buns - yes, yes the chocolate ones).

So, all is calm. We arrive. Everyone feigns enthusiasm. But, as I slowly make my way to the exit, the screamies start to circle the gate. I won't go into details, but suffice to say one child had to be forcibly removed from the gate itself and I had to shake the other one off my leg.

THEN, I nearly got run over on the pedestrian crossing, yes, I was trying to wave to the now-not-howling screamies, who hadn't even bothered to press their little noses to the glass of the window and wave bye, bye, and were instead absorbed in the sandpit (not literally, which is a pity really - hmm).

Anyhoo, procured hot chocolate (full fat AND two marshmallows - just because I can) and took self down to the point to feel the serenity. Actually it was nice, had the place to myself, butterflies danced cutely in sunbeams, the wind whispered through the She oaks and rustled the leaves on the gum trees, mist rose majestically from valleys, and it was all jolly splendid.
This is looking south.

And this is looking north.

I sat for about half an hour, would've stayed longer but had to go and be pummelled by the physio again. Came to three stunning conclusions
1. I might or might not take up Yoga
2. Macaroni and Cheese for tea (actually I spent the rest of the day tidying the house - it was well trashed - and we had microwaved things from the freezer).
3. Hubby needs some sort of me time (as in not with me or the rest of the family. Then I realised that this meant more me time for me with the screamies and decided NOT to mention his complete lack of personal time. He works for chrissake, THAT can be his ME time.)

2 people love me:

Rachael Blair said...

Thanks for the laugh! You had me feeling guilty for a moment there - thinking, oh what a lovely wifey she is, I should be nicer like that and offer solitary outings for my hubby - but then I read the rest! Thank God you're really a nasty cow like moi!

Caitlyn Nicholas said...

LOL Rach! Its a good thing they just love us to bits!!

Hugs Cait