Tuesday, March 11, 2008

GITB - Sacred Space

This week we're talking about our sacred space again, that is, our writing space. Last week we found (or in my case tidied up) our writing space. This week we are personalising it with odds and ends. So, if you were a Buddhist you might have your favourite Buddha statue there, or if, like me, you're not much of anything, you can fill it with things that are important to yourself or your writing.

Of course being the Queen of Change I embraced the whole idea immediately. "Not MORE clutter," I thought to myself. sigh.

But then I realised I already had a little collection of things happening in my writing space.

See there, those two shelves above my desk. Only one thing on those two shelves DOESN'T have negative associations for me (the Unicorn crossstich on the bottom right that Grandma made for me). I had my own little alter to past failures happening right above my head and I never even realised it.

Okay, so maybe the pile of books is pushing it. But every time I look at them I think "oh when am I going to have time to read them and if I don't read them I won't ever improve as a writer," - they're all writing books.

So its all going to go. I haven't much to put up there yet. But I love to collect treasures so I think it'll fill up over time. At least its going to be easier to dust.

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