Monday, March 03, 2008

Much Improved

I am, as the doctor predicted, improving rapidly. Am off the happy drugs (much to Hubby's and my mother's dissapointment!!) and just taking anti-inflammatories, and whilst my back is still sore I managed to pick something up off the floor without falling over this morning.

Last week was a truely awful week. What with the cat dissapearing and sick kids and all the rest. Lying in bed for two days has given me time to take stock and try to figure out where its all going so wrong. Alas I didn't come up with any firm answers, but one thing I did hit on was that there is way too much stress in my household. That stress is coming from me, being totally flat out ALL the time, and from hubby who is under much pressure at work.

So I'm organising some help at home. First I've ordered some ready made meals from Gourmet Dinner Service. Their stuff is delicious, low fat, lives in the freezer and can be microwaved. So, the pressure to be forever in the kitchen has been reduced. Next job for today is to organise someone to clean the house. Hubby and I often spend most of the weekend trying to keep the house in order. We're overwhelmed. So cleaners it is for a couple of months. Then someone to fix up the pool (which is bright green AGAIN). Someone to get the garden under control.

And yes, we're going to pay and pay. But okay, so what if we're paying off the minimum on the mortgage, buying the cheapest groceries, and forgetting about life's little luxuries. I'd rather do that than continue the way we are going. Over tired, overworked, barely communicating and with two small worried people.

I spent last night on the phone, connecting with people I should ring all the time but dont (like my sisters, and very pregnant best friend). I've invited friends around for dinner on Saturday night, I love to entertain, but barely have since Miss Bugalugs was born (that's two years now).

I think, at the end of the day, the Universe was pointing out to me that I wasn't noticing what was really important in my life. I've been caught up in the small stuff and allowed it to derail me.

Everything, as they say, happens for a reason.

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Rachael Blair said...

Hey Cait - so glad you''re feeling better in yourself. I so know what you mean about sometimes forgetting to take time to focus on the important things. Thanks for the reminder!!

Caitlyn Nicholas said...

I just wish I didn't have to come to realise it via stressed out kids, lost cats and a slipped disc!


Sami Lee said...

It sounds like you have a great plan Cait. Stick with it. I can't believe how much extra time I seem to have on the nights when I decide I'm just not going to cook. That alone is a major stress reducer.

Good luck with it. Hope you're feeling much happier soon. Enjoy those kids - they grow up before you know it, don't they?