Wednesday, March 05, 2008

The Bog of Eternal Stench

Just in case anyone thought I was after a pool-boy, rather than in the middle of a pool crisis...

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Jess Dee said...

OMG, what a week you have had.
So sorry. I knew nothing about it. Hope you are feeling better, and Eddie is home and well. Lord, you must have been going nuts.
Good on you for listening to the universe. You do whatever needs doing to make life easier-and don't even consider feeling guilty. Just enjoy the help you get.


Gail (but you can call me G) said...

Wow, that looks like our pool sometimes (we live in Texas). Try PhosFree. Our pool store recommended it, and once you get rid of the green swamp and it's blue again (usually a chlorine issue for us), putting it in once a week keeps our pool looking really nice and blue.

Cait said...

Thanks Jess. Am just glad its all coming under control now.


Cait said...

Gail, believe it or not we have an automatic chlorinator. But it just couldn't keep up with the weird weather we've been having. Also, the pool electrics got wet and shorted out (for the third time) so the filter isn't running on a timer which isn't helping either.