Monday, January 26, 2009

Australia Day

Been a comparatively quiet one today. Still getting over the cold - nearly died, not that ANYONE noticed -and hubby is now claiming I infected him. Whatever. Yes, mood slow to get better as well. Still, did manage to summon some patriotic cheer and went to Bunnings to buy a new showerhead this morning. At Bunnings we were presented with a couple of aussie flags to wave around and therefore actually looked enthusiastic about it all for the rest of the day. Which of course we were - well when not suffering with our various viruses (real and imaginary), bacterial infections and other ailments (don't ask - trust me, I'd have to tell you and then I could never un-tell you).

After Bunnings we went into Hornsby for some lunch. We've been doing weightwatchers (oh alright, since yesterday, which I spent in a starving, low-blood-sugar, foul tempered heap after accidentally scoffing all my points in peanut butter early on). I disgraced myself at lunch after being virtuous all morning - in my poorly condition I did not have the fortitude to resist the kids chicken nuggets and chips and my own lunch. And I'm not going to tell you about the slight chocolate eclair accident I had. No, not even mention it.

Because its Australia day the Hornsby RSL Pipe (that's bagpipe) Band put on a concert for us. Yes, nothing says aussie to me like bagpipes. See the people below in kilts. 29 degrees and they're in wool kilts. They had my sympathy. Have also found a new thing to add to the list of things that make me get teary - yes, am appalled to admit that bagpipes playing Auld Lang Syne made me wipe away a tear. sigh.Miss Finally Three was not impressed.
Then it was home for some gardening. Those green heaps are my tomatoes now correctly situated in their tomato bed (what? these are BEFORE photos)And planted some sweetcorn.
And then got out my dryer to dry some fruit that we're not going to have a chance to eat before it goes bad. That's mango and cherry tomatos from the cherry tomato plant, and below it are plums and apricots.

We have finished the day watching that Australian classic, Mary Poppins.

Go Aussie!

3 people love me:

Rachael Johns said...

You are such a domestic goddess - you put the rest of us mere house-louses to shame!

Caitlyn Nicholas said...

Nah! I'm just avoiding doing stuff like the washing and the cleaning and the tidying!

Rachael Johns said...

You are such a domestic goddess - you put the rest of us mere house-louses to shame!