Wednesday, January 21, 2009

On the verge of expiring... well possibly

I have a cold, yes its 37 degrees outside and I am lying - and possibly dying - inside under the airconditioning. Oh and I KNOW air conditioning is environmentally unfriendly. But I am sorry planet, but if I'm going to put effort into saving you then I want to be around to be smug and santimonious about it.

I am having a very crabby day. I have already been to work - where I got a PARKING TICKET and the mean squinty eyed security man wouldn't let me off it even though I made a genuine mistake. I nearly cried. $81 was worth tears I felt. But then I realised that crying was beneath me, that I have more dignity, that I am not the kind of woman who cries to manipulate men. Also it wouldn't have worked - yes he was that mean.

So given the heat, my failing health, and work being very busy, I have little to report. Am thinking I might just have to start writing something... Hmm.

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Rachael Johns said...

Oh poor Cait - but as usual... thanks for a laugh :) Your posts are always SO amusing!

Jess Dee said...

37 was positively cool compared to Saturday.
Sorry about your ticket. Bugger.
Hope you feel better.