Thursday, January 29, 2009


Okay, so I made soap. Its actually not that hard. I was showing-off with this batch and instead of water I used goat's milk - which sounds exotic but with my dairy intolerant family its the milk that we always use.

Here are the ingredients.
You just melt the coconut oil into the olive oil, then mix the goat's milk with the caustic soda, then pour in the oil. Keep stirring until it saponifys (thickens). Stick it in a mould (old take-away container) and then slice it up a couple of days later.

This batch is still soft enough that when you press it with a finger it leaves a finger print, so it needs to cure for another month or two and then its ready to use. At that point I could grate it up, re-melt it and combine it with lots of lovely ingredients (like avocado oil and essential oil), or just use it as is.

I have sensitive skin and if I use soap in any form on my face I end up looking like a viking berserker (and many thanks to the wedding photographer who coined that happy phrase about my dried out scarlet skin before I discovered soap-free facial wash). This is a viking berserker you troglodyte.

See. Nothing like me at ALL.

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