Monday, January 12, 2009

This Year on the Blog

I've been thinking about blogging this year and things to crap on about. Of course there will be the usual mixture of writerly musings (HAH) and parenting stories (yes, Miss Three is being toilet trained - brace yerself for some horrible, horrible tales), but you know, I've been doing that for the last fours years. I think I need more. I think there is a whole universe of subject matter waiting for me to write about. I think its time I turned my attention to the environment.

Okay. Don't go to sleep on me because I mentioned the environment - I would forgive you of course, I know the environment frequently bores the pants off me (not literally naturally). However, I am going environmentally friendly, sustainable and self-sufficient the Caitlyn Nicholas way. And I am going to blog it. Oh yes. Alpaca poo will be involved, as will chickens. Can chickens swim? How will they fare in the pool? Does Alpaca poo smell? What will hubby do when he finds four bags of alpaca poo in the back of his nice less-than-a-year-old Mitsubishi? Will any members of the family be blinded in the home made soap making experiement? How will Pepper the cat (the last pet standing) cope with the new puppy at Easter, or with the chickens? What exactly is compost? Will I stop shaving my arm-pits?

All this and so much more will be answered...

I can hardly wait. Hardly.

2 people love me:

Jess Dee said...

Alpaca poo and unshaven armpits.
I wait in breathless anticipation...

Anonymous said...

Jeez! I'm glad we had our lunch date BEFORE you stopped shaving your armpits!
Damn woman, you need to seriously think about writing that book we talked about.