Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Great Review for Secret Intentions...

Rachel C at Fallen Angel Reviews had this to say about Secret Intentions...

Secret Intentions

All Zani has to do is find evidence that Corbin de Villiers is leaking company secrets, seems simple. But there’s nothing simple about Corbin or her ‘job’ as his assistant; used to designing custom yachts, Zani has no idea how to be a PA. When she finds herself not only attracted to Corbin but hoping he’s not the one sabotaging the company, Zani struggles with loyalty to her family and an attraction she never expected.

Corbin de Villiers knows his new PA is hiding something, but with all that’s happening to his company, he doesn’t have time to find out what, even if Zani slips into his mind far too often for comfort. The longer they work together the more Corbin discovers Zani is many things but a PA isn’t one of them.

With lies, theft and the Russian Mafia things go from complicated to life threatening. Can Corbin and Zani find out who’s behind it all before they both pay the ultimate price?

Secret Intentions by Caitlyn Nicholas delivers an intriguing story of lies and love. Corbin and Zani are thrown together in a fight to first save his company and then their lives. Zani has spent her life fixing her brother and father’s problems, but this time they may have bitten off far more than she can chew. Ms. Nicholas has done a great job of making Zani a contradiction, on one hand she’s a successful business woman in high demand and on the other she’s an insecure woman who bows to her father and brother’s dictates. I loved watching as she grew to understand she was far more than her family ever allowed her to believe. Her relationship with Corbin grows along with her and as they get closer, Zani begins to flourish in her own skin. With secrets and lies at every turn, and everyone with their own agenda Ms. Nicholas weaves an intricate web of intrigue and danger that keeps you guessing. The chemistry between Zani and Corbin can’t be ignored but with everything going on seems destined to be pushed to the side. I loved the secondary characters; all of them have a hand at making Secret Intentions an engrossing read.

Reviewed by: Rachel C.

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