Friday, February 06, 2009

Vegies Growing like MAD...

Yes, I am excited. Thus I expect the internet to be excited as well.

See, carrots I dug up this evening...These are Purple Dragons (the carrots that is). They're orange or yellow inside and do taste a little different to your bog-standard carrot from Woolies. More carrotty. I grew them from seed.

In the middle of the greenery you can see a teensy tiny zucchini. I put the zucchini seeds in peat pots on about 2nd January - and we'll be picking them in a couple of weeks I reckon, three at the most.
Corn coming up in the corn patch.
Yes, it is corn, no its not grass.

And below are beans I am companion planting with the corn. I planted bean seed a week ago and already they're this big - actually I'm a little taken aback, we're due for Melbourne's heatwave to arrive here tomorrow and I was kind-of hoping they wouldn't germinate until after, oh well.
Beans put loads of nitrogen into the soil, Corn takes loads of nitrogen out of the soil which is why they're awesome to plant together.

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