Thursday, February 12, 2009

Hope amongst the grim news from the Victorian Fires

The news from Victoria has been so grim that I think everyone is looking for a bit of hope. I for one now keep tissues on hand when I watch the news because I can't help but cry. But there are amazing stories of survival starting to emerge as well. Like that of a woman who dug herself and her children into a Wombat hole and survived the firestorm - and the 97 year old who survived Ash Wednesday, Black Friday and was picked up wandering along a road, none the worse for wear, after losing the battle to defend his home against these fires. My Grandfather is 93 and I am fully aware of how intrasigent gentlemen of that age can be - but defeating a bushfire??

The human cost is dreadful and the animal and wild-life cost equally upsetting. But here is a little moment of hope...

CFA firefighter, Dave Tree, finds a koala moving gingerly on her scorched paws after wildfires sweep Victoria. 'Sam' accepted a bottle of water and she is now recovering at a wildlife refuge - where apparently she has found love.

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Suzanne Brandyn said...

Hi Cait,
It is shocking isn't it. Yes, tissues are handy at present. It is extremely hard to fathom just what they witnessed and went through. But hell, it was something horrific.
Take care,
Suz :)