Monday, February 02, 2009

Sustainability - Hard Core - Ye Gods!

So I was reading Grass Roots the other day. I love Grass Roots and Earth Garden, they're my two favorite magazines - both 'alternative' living, sustainability type mags.

So, was feeling all environmental and so on about our bucket in the shower, and our vegies and remembering to take our green bags to the supermarket, and then I read about Jen Owens.

Jen Owens is doing the sustainability thing for a year. Here are her rules
  • self-sufficient in meat, fruit and vegies
  • everything else from Tasmanian only sources
  • No supermarket shopping
  • No purchases of new items
  • Reduce energy consumption to grid neutral - which is a 95% reduction to 1kW which is supplied by a solar array.
Holy crap. I now see how entirely under-whelming my efforts really are. I mean okay, we don't have four acres of land, in fact we have 700 square metres and this includes the house, but still... A 95% reduction in electricity! No supermarkets! I am in awe. I'm also rather inspired...

Best of all Jen blogging about her experience: I'll put her in the sidebar so we can keep an eye on how she's going.

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