Monday, March 30, 2009


So, anyone who's a regular visitor may have noticed that I slip in the odd photo of Very Cool Teacups. I usually call the post Teacup Pron (pron instead of porn so I don't get sleazy people googling... uh oh). I agree this is an immensely stupid title for a post and promise to stop it.

Titles aside, the collection and flogging of vintage & antique (email me if you can tell me the difference!) teacups made by a china company called Shelley is a passion that has kept me happily time-wasting (and not writing books for example) for quite some time. I now feel the need to illuminate the internet about it all, so now and then I'll put putting up a post about various cups in my collection.

I use my cups. In fact the screamies use them as well. Yes, nothing is quite like watching a three and a four year old sipping weak tea from porcelain teacups, with utterly perfect manners. I'll try and get a photo - have finally figured out how to get photos from phone to blog (now to tackle messagebank). The kids can use any cup in my collection (as can any guest in my home) however, I do steer the littlies towards a few white elephants I have in my collection - from getting stiffed on ebay, ones that arrived cracked, or one of a couple of sets of six I have.

So, my all time favourite pattern is Shelley's Spots (often mis-named Polka Dots) on a cup that is in the 'henley' shape. This is my divine blue spots trio.
And my green trio - blue at the back - the reason they look different is because the gold is painted on the rim differently.
Recently I got hold of a duo in turquoise and a duo in melon, only red, pink, yellow, black with white spots and hazelnut with white spots to go!

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Rachael Johns said...

Am very jealous of your collection! Wish I collected something so interesting! Keep posting pics and definitely one of the screamies drinking tea!!!

Anonymous said...

OMG! I'd die if you served me tea in one of those. I confess I'm a bucket of tea at a time girl. *sigh* Have you seen my big Grumpy mug I got from the US last year? I might have to blog that one.