Thursday, April 07, 2011

Autumn Planting: Bed 1

In the vege plot I work on a six bed rotation system; Bed 1 is root vegetables/leafy greens.  A couple of weeks ago I put in some carrot, beetroot, turnips and swede seeds.

Thus far the weather has been kind and the chickens and the dog have, by some miracle, not destroyed the lot of them.

Here we have, from left to right; turnips (purple top white globe), swede (best of all), beetroot (monorubra) and carrots (purple haze).

Next door we have carrot (topweight), beetroot (crimson globe), swede (best of all) and Japanese turnip (Hakurei) - and, erm, some violets down there on the bottom right, must weed more :)

Up the back of the bed there are some silverbeet seedlings and broccoli seedlings (below), also weeds - is it wrong to crop photos so that there are no weeds??

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Anonymous said...

It isn't wrong at all. I am going to have to remember to do that.