Sunday, April 17, 2011

(Let Them Eat) Cake Friday - Simnel Cake

Simnel cake - a traditional UK cake made around Easter/Mothering Sunday (their Mothering Sunday, not the Aussie one).

Simnel cake is also an anagram of...
Seamen Licks
Leaks Mince
A Neck Slime
Silk Menace, and
Manic Leeks
I know this because I have hurt my back, can barely move and am VERY BORED.

Its a fruit cake, with a marzipan lid - am not a fan of marzipan unless its homemade, then its loooovley.
Simnel Cake - with artistic marzipan decorations
 The decorations are supposed to represent 11 apostles and Jesus - Judas gets left off, because he does not deserve to be rolled out of a ball of marzipan, stuck under the grill briefly to brown and then eaten.
Jesus is the one in the middle, and these are happy apostles
 I was a bit dubious about this one, but its actually very nice - if a bit on the Very Solid side.
It took some effort to cut this slice
The kids only like sultanas, "If they are on their own MUMMY, not In CAKE. NOT IN CAAAAAKE."


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Veronica said...

It's funny, I'm making fruit cake too - I set aside the fruit to soak this morning.

Rachael Johns said...

Not a fan of any type of fruit cake here (except banana cake and apple cake) but I'm LOVING your Let Them Eat Cake Fridays. I might just have to join in the fun too :)

Caitlyn Nicholas said...

Its fruit cake kind of weather I think Veronica :)

Rach it'd be awesome to hear about your cakes :) It all started out as an after chess treat for the kids on Fridays, but I'm so loving making them now.