Thursday, April 14, 2011

Autumn Planting: Bed 3 Onions/Alliums

Wretched chicken got out yesterday and wreaked havoc amongst my seedlings. Not. Happy. Jan.

Well, at least it wasn't all four of them. sigh.

Bed 3 is my alliums bed; 2sqm onions, 1sqm spring onions, few random shallots, 1sqm garlic and 1sqm leeks.

Lovely garlic just coming up; yes raised beds are falling to bits
 I got the garlic I planted here from the organic produce stall at Hornsby farmers market.  Not sure what sort it is, but I wasn't too fussed.  Given last years garlic disaster I didn't want to spend a heap on garlic from Diggers or somewhere.

Some red spring onions are in there somewhere - also some basil, eggplant and capsicum from this being the tomato bed last year.  They'll come out in the next few weeks.
1sqm spring onions + other stuff
 Here is my poor poor onion patch - big hole in the middle courtesy of damn chook.  Have a few onion seedlings hanging about, so shall replant, sigh.
Chook damaged onion patch - note lame chook defences
So really the alliums bed is pretty much done - just watering and TLC from now own (and laser heat seeking missile chook defence system).  I've got to put in a square meter of leek seeds, which are going in a bit late for around here, but leeks usually do okay regardless. 


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Kat said...

Oh I know that heartbreaking feeling when you find your hard work all dug up, I've been through a few different fences around my veggies and still get chicken raids now and then. Thank goodness for delicious eggs I guess?!

Anonymous said...

Into the soup pot with them. Stinkin' buggers!!

Pip at Rest is not idleness said...

The first year I tried garlic I bought the bulbs from Diggers and was very disappointed, the second year I just used bulbs from the organic vege shop here and had quite good results and it didn't cost as much either. I read somewhere that if you want big bulbs of garlic you have to plant big cloves and I tend to agree with that. I didn't plant garlic this year but have some coming up anyway - must have missed digging it up.
Chickens are a bugger for getting into the wrong garden beds, my commiserations.

greenfumb said...

I feel your pain, not one single one of my parsnip seeds came up courtesy of the chooks and the mad rabbit.

Is there some mystical reason for growing a square a metre of each thing?

Caitlyn Nicholas said...

Yes, thank goodness for all the eggs... otherwise they'd go to the chickenator (ie my mother, who does not have a good track record with chooks)

LOL Mel!

Thanks Pip :)

Caitlyn Nicholas said...

Hey Greenfumb, I want to use the square meter method of planting - where you plant across a square meter which is supposed to be better than rows - but I cannot let go of rows, they are so neat and lovely and they make my parents so proud. So I plant square meters of rows. Yes, its not easy being me.

Sue, Joe and Michael Webber said...

Do you need a recipe for chicken curry? ;D