Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Chicken Coop Disaster

The hen enclosure did not fare well in 85kmph winds yesterday.
Of course I was out when it all happened, so the ladies took foul (heh) advantage of the situation to rape & pillage my newly replanted lettuces.

They were then placed under house arrest in their coop.

Hubs and I won't be able to even start rebuilding this mess until Sunday, so I have spent the morning devising temporary accommodation for daytime foraging.

Taa daa.
Why no, I never thought the fire-guard would be so useful
Whilst not ideal, the dog can't get in and the remains of the lettuces are safe, and they're digging in my green manure for me.

NB: When I took this photo I had managed to capture the two Australorps, but the Rhode Island Reds were still running around like... er headless chickens, but with heads.  With the assistance of the wretched bloody dog and the kids we eventually managed to catch them as well.


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Paola said...

Yep, our chook house suffered the same fate. Chickens having a ball...

Sam-O said...

We lost a whopping big branch.  It fell right where the Workaholic parks the car.  Luckily I parked the car and I use the carport, like a normal person would...

dixiebelle said...


Soonarmy said...

I just had to laugh at your chook escapades, Caitlyn!  I used to have a chook that could jump a 1.6m high fence you see...and head straight for the garden of course.  I hope the run was sorted out okay in the end, and the green manure was well-mulched in the meantime!  Amy (soonarmy)