Friday, July 01, 2011

On My Mind: Electricity Prices

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Washing on the line, not in the dryer.  Its been a cold wet winter this year and the dryer has been getting a work out.  But with the massive increases in electricity prices, I know I need to stop using it so much. I'll probably still have to finish these off in the dryer, but I'm getting them as dry as possible before I start chewing up the power.

I wanted to write a post about electricity prices, and the fact they're increasing by 17%.  But Rhonda has done a wonderful post here, that says everything I could have thought of, and more.

Rhonda also has a great post on the rising cost of living and homemaking.  If you are feeling stressed or worried about increasing prices its well worth a read (or even if you're not) :)

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dixiebelle said...

Yep, with being sick, having an operation, and always seeming to have all 4 racks filled with drying clothes, our clothes dryer has been used more this year too! I am dreading the electricity bill, but hopefully given we have 6 solar panels on the roof, it won't be too bad...

Off to read Rhonda's post, thanks!

Laurence Brown said...

Treu, The electricity bill now-a-days is some thing that really scares the hell out of any one.. I think i would also be shifting to washing on the line only.. 17% increase it TOO much!

Mel said...

My dryer is gas and my husband is always telling me it doesn't cost that much to use.  I don't care - if the weather is good, I hang the clothes outside and if it is bad, then I hang the clothes on the inside lines.  My husband thinks I am nuts, but I don't care.

Tam said...

Electricity prices... Ugh.
Just. Ugh.

I denied myself a dryer because of the electricity prices. I invested in two super quality lines on wheels. They hold a load and a half each. Sometimes more if done correctly. It doesn't speed up the cold drying, but its awesome for moving around.