Monday, July 04, 2011

The Pantry: Why oh why do I keep typing The Panty??

This post is not about my underwear.  No siree.  I have posted about my underwear in the past, here, but today underpants will not be mentioned. Well not again. I hope.


The Panty (bugger) Pantry.

Creating and maintaining a grocery supply is something I've been thinking about for a long time, but I've been putting off, mostly because my cupboard looked like this.
The Last Bastion of the War on Clutter
However, we've decided its time to get our stockpile up and running.

I'm not going to write an instruction manual on it, because (as usual), others have done a brilliant job already.  If you want info on creating a food stockpile check out...

Down To Earth

Eat At Dixibelles

Simple Green Frugal Co-op

Hubs spent an afternoon tackling The Cupboard, and I have slowly begun to stock it.
Its a start
I'm not one for making huge lists and inventories, so I'll be adding to our store as I see things on sale in the supermarket.  I aim to get about a three month supply happening, and have it all up and running in the next few months, before hubs next work contract runs out.

I am already loving having the extra jars of peanut butter on hand.  No breakfast disasters/tantrums in this household, not any more.


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dixiebelle said...

Great work! It feels good to have a decent stockpile of basic foods, for whatever reason you might end up needing them... and yes, always having enough food to feed the fusspots is one of them!

Mel said...

You are off to a great start.  I buy an item or two when at the store and it doesn't take long before you have a good supply.

Veronica said...

Can I ask, if you weren't storing food in the pantry before, where was it living? Or were you buying as you need it? I'm really curious to know.

I have a relatively small pantry and it is packed full. I probably have enough pasta to open a small pasta shop, but I like to have food stockpiled.

Caitlyn Nicholas said...

Hey :) We have a pantry in the kitchen, but its tiny and narrow and so dark I have to wear a head-light to see in there at night (siiiiigh), so I just only ever have one of everything (except tins of tomatoes). And I'm forever running out of everything, and am trotting off to the supermarket pretty much every day.  

The cupboard in the picture is down in our spare room, and already I'm loving having stuff on hand.

Veronica said...

That makes sense then! Our closest supermarket is around 35mins drive away, so we can't just nip to the supermarket and I am forever stockpiling to prevent supermarket trips. I would KILL for a bigger pantry, or better space in a different room. But then, this house has no storage as it is. Sigh.