Tuesday, July 19, 2011


I was going to post a picture of how awful I look right now, but it was too horrible and hubs said it'd frighten people.  I have the flu.  I have not been sick like this for YEARS.  Not since the kids were tiny and I was existing on four hours of sleep a day.  Urgh.

Miss 5 also has the flu, tonsillitis (I think, doctor again tomorrow) and glands like golf balls.  Hubs is claiming to be sick but is battling on, mostly I think to get out of the house and away from drippy, sneezy, coughy, moaning females who blame him entirely for bringing this plague into the house in the first place.  Miss 7 is swanning along without a care in the world, which makes me highly suspicious, but at the same time deeply hopeful of perhaps one day selling her to science.  How can she not be sick???

To add insult to injury school holidays have now ended, but Miss 5 is in no state to return.  So rather than dying with grace and dignity on the couch, alone, surrounded by used tissues, I must spend my time bickering about whether we watch Olivia (my favourite) or Total Drama Island (Her favourite), and rushing back and forth with glasses of apple juice and vegemite on toast.  Also she keeps falling asleep on my arm which means I can't knit.


Be back soon.

If I survive.

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Mel said...

Please don't leave us, we need you.  Honest.  Get better soon.  I really mean that.

dixiebelle said...

Hope you feel better ASAP! We were in this same situation last year & I am still traumatised by how sick I was... I begged to be admitted to hospital! Good luck, hope you can have a few days to yourself soon to watch Olivia to your hearts content! (I love Franklin & Arthur, and lately have been making the kids watch Brady Bunch!)

Vanessa said...

Commiserations on the infestation of flu ... it has been a bad season by all accounts, ourselves included.  Hope you bounce back soon.  Double commiserations on the Total Drama Island.  What is it about that show?  My son loves that AND Total Drama World Tour.  Where will it end?  Arrggghhh ...